Okotoks Montessori Preschool is based on the methods of Dr. Maria Montessori.

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Okotoks Montessori Preschool offers a preschool program as well as a ECS/Kindergarten program.

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> ECS/Kindergarten Program

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We are Montessori accredited as well as registered with Alberta Education to teach our Montessori Program.
We have 3 full-time Directress' and part-time Directresses to facilitate Montessori learning

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Did you know our Kindergarten program is free?

Like the public school, we also offer Alberta Education curriculum-based Kindergarten. In addition, we provide smaller class sizes, individual attention for the gifted and special needs children and more...  We encourage our Kindergarten students to have attended Montessori preschool in prior years.

Okotoks Montessori School is a place of discovery, curiosity, respect and enthusiasm.
Our ECS/Kindergarten program is renowned for language, mathematics, art and humanities, while stressing life skills; like problem solving, courteous behaviour and self expression.
Our results: happy, confident and well-educated children - ready to embrace first grade.
Question we are often asked: Since most children will eventually have to go to the neighbourhood schools, wouldn't it be better for them to make the transition in kindergarten rather than in first grade? Answer

"The environment should reveal the child, not mold him."
- Maria Montessori